In The United States

Ten sequential numbers could be something as simple as a representation of newfound friendship.

But they exceed the farthest reaches of the imagination.

It could be the connection between employer and employee, letting them know they’re getting the promotion of a lifetime.

It could be the biweekly calls to your mom and pop’s home from another country, telling about your adventures.

It could be the reminder that you’re on their mind during their busy day.

It could be the midnight birthday call from your lifelong best friend.

It could be the confirmation of a meeting date and location between old friends or business partners.

It could be the news report on how your grandfather is doing in the hospital halfway across the world.

But most of all, it could be the bridge between the gap from Houston, Texas to Kansas City, Kansas. It could bring you good morning and goodnight calls and texts. It could bring you pictures of what life is like up north, or even back in Madrid. It could show them your life down south, where you like to long board and go to Whataburger after long vacations. It could be the sharing of each other’s unique lifestyles based on geography and culture. It could show them your adventures in Pamplona and Barcelona and your tour all around. It could help you reminisc in how badly you both want to fly back, possibly together, next time. It could tell them how you felt when you couldn’t stop smiling at each other while waiting in the long line after your eight-and-a-half hour flight. It could let you share the nostalgia and sentimentality of how you met at the home airport, right after customs, just before TSA.

But without it… How is that supposed to happen?


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