Some November Night

In the meantime, let’s get away from the world for a while even though I don’t have to go anywhere but next to you to get away. Let’s forget about everything we need to do even though I already do that with you. Let’s never think about what we want to do and just do it.

Talking to you feels so natural. It feels like it’s happened so often before that it’s just second nature. Yet, every time we talk it’s like I’m talking to you for the first time again. Let’s remember all those crazy ambitions we have and talk and talk and talk about them over a dried cottonwood bonfire, under a sky full of shooting stars.

We don’t have to worry about obligations or time. We do with them what we will. Let’s turn the hourglass upside down and give ourselves another eternity to rule the world. Let’s make nonsense of the logical world that we’re living in. Let’s make lively the dead and monotonous world we’re living in. Let’s make pandemonium out of the organized, chaotic world we’re living in.

The world is ours. Time is ours. Everything and nothing is ours so let’s not get caught up in the future or the past and be here. Be here now. Let’s make the most of this beautiful thing.


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