Dear Diary

5 December 2015

It’s kind of weird when you realize how much things change in less than 4 months. One day you could be swimming in the sweltering Texas heat on your summer break after graduating high school and having a summer fling for the first time. Then a couple months later, you’re a first year, full-time college student, part-time pizza maker, and your best friend is taking a gap year from Brown University to live in Germany for fun. And when you catch up with her, it’s like you haven’t spoken for years and you don’t even remember half the people’s first names in the Calculus AB class you had together senior year.

The next thing you know, you already have the rest of your life planned out and that plan is changing more often than the folding waves in the sea and the direction the wind blows. That plan proves that everything else you’ve done in your life is worth nothing compared to what is in store for you. It proves that no matter how ready you are, there will always be something that could make or break you along the way. It proves that change is inevitable and something will unfailingly be there to knock you off your feet. It will change and things will change–they’re bound to and there’s nothing you can do about it. Those changes can take you high or they can break you down until you’re merely a tabula rasa, ruined to nothing but naivety and ignorance.

But in that change, something amazing could happen. And in all that change you might actually find one constant, a certain resilient figure in your life who keeps coming right back despite everything you fear.


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