Hi, I’m Nobody and I love you

I used to think you just said things but didn’t really mean them. As if you weren’t being genuine and you weren’t actually interested in the conversation. But I suppose it’s not fair for me to say that since I’d only just met you then. I didn’t know what to think about your unexcited vocal inflections and your seemingly perpetual straight face. It felt almost like I was talking to a robot with little to no personality and emotion, honestly.

You didn’t interest me that much when I saw you the first time. You did catch my eye but I brushed you off pretty quickly as another one of those guys way out of my league, another one who will only lead me to disappointment. Seeing you didn’t get my heart stopping. It didn’t excite me. In fact, that first day, talking to you made me depressed.

Why was I even talking to someone like you? You were from an extreme opposite. I think the lackadaisical introvert in my microbiology class with ever-untidy hair and heavy morning breath would’ve been a much better fit for me.

Who is this person with admirable aspirations and ambitious dreams? Is he actually talking to me? Am I dead?

But the more I got to talking with you, when you’d start the conversations first, act like your mistakes were intentional and play it off like it wasn’t because you didn’t know what was going on, the more I realized… you’re different.

Actually, you’re a lot more different from everyone else and it surprised me significantly more than the Mandela Effect.

There’s still so much more, I’m sure, to learn and be amazed about you. Every day, I’m already more amazed.

You have that beautiful smile that creases your cheeks into charming little dimples. I helped you find your next class that first day–you were new and I already knew my way around. I volunteered my assistance with your classes, the ones I’ve already taken, in case you needed help with anything, hoping you’d actually take advantage of the opportunity some day this semester. And one time (I noticed), you bent the rules a bit to be near me–I swear, I thought I misunderstood you. Are you actually born in December?

You could call it a fairy tale or a cheesy college fantasy, but that’s how it felt, believe it or not.

So yeah, nice to meet you. I hope you have a great weekend and…

I love you.


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