Note to self

17 December 2015

​There’s no easy way to get away from hard times. Actually, there’s no way at all. I know it sounds awful and I know it’s easier said than done, but take my word for it. You typed a 10 page research paper the day before it was due in 14 hours. You survived the seemingly endless number of band practices after school every day on top of a full schedule of classes (not to mention puberty). You lived through a terrible, terrible breakup built on spite and disbelief. I don’t know how, but you made it in Rome, one of Italy’s hottest cities, on one outfit, hotel soap, and broken Italian for three (technically four) days. You’ve been played, betrayed, and lied to by people who claim to have “good intentions.”

You can do this.

What am I talking about? I can do this.
I may not have someone waiting for me with open arms and an endearing smile, knowing a hug is all I need after a stressful rush at work, or after my 8 hour Saturday class, or after I write a 6-10 page term paper, or a two page career analysis, or after I finish a 5 chapter lab test, or a two chapter lecture test, or after my life as an omnivore is threatened by unnecessarily violent documentaries, or after hours of doing research for a persuasive speech. But really, I have myself, right? I mean I’m already making notes to myself that it’s going to be okay. But why can’t you believe it? Why can’t I believe it?


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