Say ‘When’

You think about him sometimes and you remember how he drives you crazy, drives you completely insane, up the wall.

You remember how idiotic he is sometimes.

You remember the things he said that completely put you off.

You remember his terrible habits and tendencies.

You remember how he called all his other friends idiots so he only ever talked to you outside of camp in his free time because you’re “not an idiot. You’re smart.”

And you remember how you thought he has no moral capabilities or ethical thinking.

But then all of a sudden, he remembers the first time he ever tried to kiss you up on the theater catwalk in your high school, but you got so nervous and left before he even got a chance.

And now he tells you he remembers the time when you sang and played your guitar for him before your spring concert.

And he constantly reminds you that you’re on his mind.

And when he misses you and you send him a picture every once in a while, he never fails to call you beautiful.

And you’re the only person he really remembers from the time before he left for camp.

And aside from being brainwashed almost completely, you’re the one thing he can remember, the one person he can recall memories and experiences about.

And you hung out with him a couple weeks before he was off, realizing you’d kind of miss his company, his naive, but fun-loving company, because it helps you forget the multi-faceted, complicated world for a while.

And now you’re looking forward to reuniting with him as you say goodbye to your teenage years over burgers and shakes that he’s completely forgotten about over the months he’s been gone.

And he’s looking forward to it, too.


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