Midwest Wonder

I still get the chills when I think about you.

You still give me the chills.

I don’t even know if you remember me–I’m probably the only person in the entire world who thinks this much about these things.

I can literally only hope and pray you remember me. Or that I even cross your mind again.

I don’t know if you cut your hair or if you got taller or if you still live where you told me you did.

I don’t know if you think about that time like I do. I don’t know if you’d look at me the same way you did then.

I still remember the feeling I got when I first saw you–or when you first saw me, rather.

I hope that if we cross paths again, you’ll remember me. I’m sure I’ll remember you.

I still remember you saying it, the inflection in your voice, and the feeling I got, just like it wasn’t a couple months ago.

“Kansas City?”


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