Double Doozie

Seeing me twice a day on two separate occasions.

Surprising me after running a busy night shift.

Bringing me up from being robbed of my dreams.

Reminding me that they have faith in me–and that they always will.

Helping me forget everything that doesn’t matter.

Thrilling me with daring and danger–two of my closest companions.

Waiting more than an hour just to see me for less than that.

Standing up for me when I couldn’t.

Staying by my side when everyone else abandoned me.

Accepting me as myself and nothing else.

Coaxing a good laugh out of me without trying.

Being crazy and weird simultaneously, because we can.

Offering me a hug when they know I don’t want to admit I need it.

And after a down day like this one, they bring me marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two red-and-green-sprinkled sugar cookies.

And their love.


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