Dead Silence

It fills the air that split second before your laughter can no longer be contained then you let it go when the car stalls for the third and final time that night.

It empties our thoughts just before you flail up your arms exclaiming that I was “doing so good” until that moment happened. 

The rush and the elbow-banging excitement intoxicate the both of us. Dares and nostalgia course through our bodies with zeal and zest. Foolishness, for once, takes me by the collar and forces me to drop all pretense and bathe in the insanity.

The engine chokes and clicks and chuckles as I struggle to secure the reins and when it finally falls under my command, it revs and roars with life as I nearly crash us into the fence in third gear, swerving at the last minute and mercilessly tackling a tall speed bump.

You and I both howl with hysteria, with laughter and anxiety, as I cruise to a stop in the middle of the empty lot.

By the end of the evening, we stand by your Jeep and my sedan before we part ways, sealed off by our cars, secluded into our own quiet world reduced to simplicity of Arabian food and pelting stray tomatoes across the parking lot. And nothing else stands between us except dead silence.


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