Second Favorite

It’s like with every person I meet, I get one step farther away from what I don’t want.
And one step closer to what I know I need.

It’s sweet just like you, the blended confection. It’s punchy and adorable, one of a kind. It makes my heart simultaneously happy and skittish and jumpy.

I realized for the first time, my face actually felt like a hot plate, blood rushing to my cheeks faster than my heart could handle. I decided I didn’t need to relieve my visage of the shy grin I wore–my failure to contain my excitement gave me away anyway.

I love seeing your smile, especially knowing it was because of something I said.

And before I leave, you offer me a drink, the rest of the smoothie you said was “leftover” from the rush. You’ve been here long enough–you’re an assistant manager. That filled up precisely to the brim of the cup, as if you meant to do that.

The smile on your face–that one you gave me when I sincerely thanked you for the drink–boy, did that one give me the chills.

And somehow, by happy accident, that drink happened to be a strawberry banana smoothie, my second favorite.


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