Hot Chocolate

I can’t wait to be with you this winter, all winter long.

I can’t wait to cuddle with you every day.

You keep me and my hands warm when it’s freezing outside.

You make me feel better when I’m feeling ill.

You cheer me up when I’m down in the dumps.

You take me back to my childhood when I came across you for the first time.

Seeing you brings back the warm, fuzzy feeling of communion at Christmas and love and companionship.

Cradling you in my hands, I felt so cozy and comfortable.

I couldn’t ever forget the memories I had with you and all the memories you and I will share in years to come.

Your company reminds me of all the times you shared with my family and I.

You make me happier than anyone ever could, make me more energetic.

Everyone else loves you, too, because you remind them of what goodness is and take them back in time to their own childhood.

I’m so excited to indulge in your sweetness and warmth, to never want to let you go, to wish I had you with me on an icy winter night.

I miss you every day you’re not with me, and when you are, my day is made with you simply being there.


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