This Is How It Feels

To know and to not know.

To wake up to the same Sun every day.

To sleep to the same moonrise every night.

To see your face with every moment of silence.

To remember everything yet nothing at all, the most important things gone a mystery.

To know every bit of logic escaped and to live with it.

To forget everything else.

To never find out.

To be ignorant.

To feel and to be unable to feel ever again.

To have an empty heart yet have it remain the heaviest burden to bear.

To feel regret far worse than ever before.

To be tempted by the maddest of the mad, the most impossible.

To be driven headlong into insanity, resorting to utter desperation.

To be so close yet have it disappear, slide gracefully through your fingertips as you watch the cerulean gemstones shrink in the distance.

To have no logical reason for your torment.

To realize everything imaginable is being done to bridge the gap.

To renounce all else and bathe in the bliss of fantasy.

It’s tantalizing. It’s unfair. What is it for?


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