Up in the Air

Your words brought a smile to my face.

No matter how low my mood has dipped, they lift me right back up, pelt me into the stars to dance among them, to beam up at you.

They curl the corners of my lips in guileless and embarrassed, fluttery joy, leaving my heart pounding in momentary excitement.

They have quite literally been with me since day one; I’ve thought about them shamelessly and mercilessly and somehow, they still have not failed to mean as much to me now as when you said them. And they are precisely what has inspired me and helped me through everything I’ve gone through since then.

Sometimes I feel like no other words matter, no other person could possibly top you because no one is so simply incredible as you.

They leave me wondering why I can’t sleep at night, but I’ve figured it out–the sheer anticipation and enthusiasm I have is unfathomable to where dreaming is simply a waste of time because I know exactly what I want and I know exactly how I’m going to get it.

It’s simple.

There are limits to my capabilities and boundaries on my moral compass, but this far exceeds any sort of logic and I’m willing and ready to nosedive right into the madness. It’ll be fun. It’ll be worth it.

Five hundred thousand people know each other. And one of them is you.


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