Ocean in the Sky

The clouds resemble ribbons of waves crashing over one another, swirling and swaying in mesmerizing, fluid motion. Every here and there, a ship blinking red and white will pass through its currents, heading in some other direction within and beyond the heavens. A dim and distant moonset emanates from somewhere far off, but not enough to outshine the delicate twinkles of stars light-years away and certainly not enough to overpower the dynamic pair of sparkling, slate blue seas washing over you.

Hearts hammer in their cages, sparkles radiate from their black abyss, words unspoken remain on the tongues of those enraptured by the inexplicable language of silence.

Waves of thoughts, the heavens watching, compasses gone awry. Thudding and pounding heartbeats echo in your ears, beneath your hands. Everything is confusingly okay and the cold is no longer a worry so long as he holds you. Words and more words flood your mind, a bottomless ocean, not wanting to ever find the end.

Just days before, your best friend wished you the best and to be hopeful because her life is uphill while memories of your past have still driven you down this road of delirium, months later. But now you think, in elation, what luck she’d struck you with and what kind of twisted fate you’d been dealt.

How did it come to this? Is this real life?

As real as the warmth of his chest close to yours.

A singular gift from above streaks rainbows across the sky, a thin, fine line, a nuance against the cold black of night, a serendipitous sight.

But you don’t wish.

Because you don’t have to.


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