Heart of Gold

She’d constantly worried about never being enough for anyone, about someone finding a flaw in her character and rejecting her like many others had done before. She was justified in believing there was no hope for her, that she was not meant for good things.

Pain washed over her in reverberating waves. Voids upon voids pierced her restless and empty heart. It remained shattered and entangled within the strings of her chest, heavy and hardened.

Yet somehow, she’d been convinced that that will no longer be her burden to bear, that her heart, no matter the flaws or imperfections, is pure gold.

“I would never break your heart,” his voice promised softly.

Her stone heart lightened as it buzzed in her ears, pounding, demanding to be let out of its cage, fluttering its tiny wings in exhilaration and excitement. “I know,” she mumbled, beaming at him.

“The only thing I would do is dip it in more gold.”

For once in her life, her heart was rid of all distress and sorrow. And for once in her life, she felt like gold.


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