I love seeing your smiling face.

I really do.

When you’re so serious and I can’t read your thoughts, I worry about you. I am honestly conflicted and torn when you’re not smiling. I don’t know why.

But your smile burns in my mind, brings a smile to my own face. I shamelessly smile at the most random moments without giving second thought. Remembering it comforts me. Your smile when you’re having fun. Your smile when you’re acting a fool. Your genuine, loving smile.

I’m so sorry I don’t have words for it. I wish I could do better for you.

But you just leave me speechless sometimes.

Everything else buzzes in my ears, weighs down my heart and head. It keeps me wrapped up and introverted about it all, keeps me from finding how to say it because of their sheer complexities. White noise of everything else I need to worry about pesters me, getting me when I’m already down.
But when I hear your voice…

Everything comes to a standstill. Everything goes silent. Nothing else can be heard for miles.

And somehow, you convince me that it’s okay, that I’m going to be okay, despite every odd not in my favor. Just knowing you’re there more than suffices for me.

There are things I wish I didn’t have to wish for but for some reason, somewhere in the recesses of my heart and mind, I’m okay with it. And I’m so willing to live with it.

I wish I knew how to tell you.


One comment

  1. messupdressup03 · December 4, 2016

    ‪It’s beautifully written. Loved it. Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your views! Happy to connect ❤️️ ‬



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