Sweet Reminisc

Don’t ask me why, but the first thing that came to me when I saw you was hope

There, suddenly, came a light, starting out dim but kindling to brightness no human could handle

Doors opened and inspiration flooded in like a river and sunlight

Darkness dominated and ideas came in like a virus through my veins, new heights

Things came more clearly to me, my twisted, complex mind untwined

And the air seemed lighter, a weight off my shoulders, no matter how strange

Words came to my mouth, suggestions blossomed to invention, forgiving less impossible

Music a little less complicated, appreciation more open, and impossibilities more plausible

Believe it or not, living’s much simpler, the words less tense, love doesn’t die

Somehow, in your eyes, I saw hope, faith, trust, and devotion

Again, don’t ask me why



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