Body of Water and Mind

Being happy is like feeling light as a feather, so carefree and weightless you float atop the ocean’s mirrored surface, nothing above or below you but endless, undiscovered depths and reaches.

But when the ocean becomes as troubled as your heart, currents pick up, rolling tsunami-like waves bring the depths to the surface, raising hell to the heavens, submerging everything what was once above. Swirling, violent maelstroms engulf all that is serene and blissful, overpowering any and every sort of happiness that may or may not have existed.

The water may roll and boil, the world beneath may crumble and fall further into the black abyss, rattling all else around it. The sizzling surface singes those who take no caution and care, dragging the innocent into the darkest depths.

When the ocean freezes, the cold halts all breathing, beating. An unmoving, abandoned wasteland remains, absolute zero and nothingness, uninhabitable by anything. Doubt and fear fill your heart to the brim, untouchable coldness and bittersweet pains stake your quieting organ.

What does it mean to be drowning in your emotion? The water feels thick, viscous, and unforgiving around you. It’s lost all humanity and you’re suspended somewhere at an unmeasurable depth, unsure of which direction is up or down.

Suffocated by your own ocean.


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