For the Brave and Mad

I hope your heart isn’t empty or battered and broken–don’t come to me in a million pieces because I don’t believe I’d be able to get you back to where you want to be exactly.

Just tell me I’m terrible and be on your way. I’ve steeled myself for far too long. And believe me when I say I’ve been through much, much worse, so unfortunately, this would not even be my first encounter with such an experience.

Whether or not you depend on me to make your life seem whole, make your days brighter, I can’t guarantee I’ll even make it to the brim. I’m not everything you’ve ever dreamt of, no matter what you may have faith in. I won’t promise that I’ll fulfill your fantasies nor will I take your compliments to heart just yet because you may have been blinded by your own lovesick mind.

I’ve become impervious to the blindness, so no longer do I struggle to see through fog, but I see the clear, rocky future far beyond today, tonight, or tomorrow.

I simply await the day you see what I see, my true self, my complicated, confusing, indecisive, unforgiving self. When you promise me you see me and love me for everything I am in unconditional abundance, then you and your brave and mad soul will fill both my heavy heart and your light one past the brim, overflowing into the world around us.


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