Your Company

​I wish I had the courage enough to tell you just how much you mean to me.

I know I’ve brushed you off more than anyone could possibly imagine…

But believe me when I say, I know you deserve so much more, so much better. I so wish I knew how to tell you, show you.

I love you so unbelievably much and I’ve never told you before because I never felt the need to because well… I never wanted to admit I did. But I love you impossibly, inhumanly so.

But leaving you, hearing your goodbye and offhand ‘I love you’ silently breaks my heart because oh, how I wish I could keep your company just a moment longer.

I’m always in a hurry out, always busy doing my own thing, or lost in my own little world. But in all honesty, I hate myself for it. I’ve missed out on countless opportunities to show you how much I appreciate you and your company, your time you spent on me, time you may well have spent doing something else.

But I promise you, I swear, I will make it right by you. I will never let my pride control me ever again. I will be strong for you because you are the sole reason I am the girl, the young woman, I am today. You have my word.



  1. messupdressup03 · December 23, 2016

    The fact that you want to make up for everything is already a win 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • girloflights · December 23, 2016

      I’m really glad you enjoyed my post! I pour my heart into my writing ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      • messupdressup03 · December 23, 2016

        You’re welcome & i can see that πŸ’• do check out My writings too, will appreciate your views.

        Liked by 1 person

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