All I Want For Christmas

When you live in a place like coastal Southern Texas, you can’t really enjoy a Christmas as white as others may be able to. It’s only snowed in my part of Texas about twice in my lifetime, but I can safely say I’ll survive without it every year and the only cold we get here during Christmas is from the random cold fronts and cold spells that roll around come late November. And the Gulf never fails to impose it’s presence over my city–the air is thick and humid and at night, you can’t enjoy a cup of hot chocolate without having to take your sweater and fuzzy house shoes off.

The gift giving is my favorite part because seeing the smiles on family and friends’ faces lights up my day just like how yard lights light up the silent Christmas night.

Every year, my family and I would take a family photo when we all got dressed up for Christmas dinner and I somehow always managed to wear a cranky half smile because I was either too cool or too stubborn to take family photos. Or I was too eager to stuff my face at dinner.

I was never one to be excited about Santa giving me presents because I never believed in him from the start and just about every year, none of my gifts were surprises because I was always there when my mom wrapped them or they were badly wrapped by my gifters. And I never made wishlists because either I wanted everything or nothing at all so they were pointless.

But the one thing I hope for every year, for myself and for everyone I know and don’t know, is that there is nothing but love and joy filling everyone’s hearts. Not a single worry, burden, or stress. And not only today but every other day in the year before and after Christmas. I hope and wish that at least once in everyone’s lifetime (although hopefully more) everyone experiences a happiness that comes from selfless and humble hearts–the best kind.


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