It’s Our Time

It’s around that time of year when trees bare, days are fractionally shorter, and weather finally cools down to a moderate 70 (Fahrenheit) winter in southern Texas. And as the end of 2016 nears, I can’t help but be my stupidly sentimental and nostalgic self.

I can’t say everything I hoped for in 2016 played out in my favor, but I also can’t say I haven’t made some of the best memories I never thought possible or learned more than I ever thought I could in a year.

I discovered that my passion is writing and art. I made lifelong friends who genuinely love and care about me. I reunited with the people I grew up with a decade ago. I found something that inspires and drives me. I learned many new skills that will forever prove useful. I traveled to the one country in the entire world that I’d dreamt about nonstop since I was fourteen. I truly understood the meaning of taking life by the reins.

And most of all, since I touched down in August, I realized how short my time, our time, is here and that we should cherish every morsel of it because in one moment you could have something incredible within your grasp and the next that refreshing breeze slips right between your fingers as though you never knew it to begin with.

Take nothing for granted–treasure it.


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