Middle Ground

I’d only ever heard of those dangers–naïve ol’ me only thought rumors of them. I’ve always been ignorant to the reality of it, the commonplace volatile nature of it. But with your first-hand experience and the intimacy you shared with the danger, I finally understood.

How did you live through it for so long? Twenty years almost.

You’re a real trooper.

And for some reason, I found myself secretly… Glad that you’re okay, that you feel safe here, to see you smiling and ambitious, eyes glowing with enthusiasm and aspiration. You look keenly and eagerly to the future and your dreams are just about as overwhelmingly awesome as mine.

You are the epitome of a second chance and I know that standing here, between where you were and where you will be, your future extends far beyond the boundaries of the horizon.

And boy, oh boy, I cannot wait to see where it takes you.


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