First Is The Worst

It’s a bit ironic that, more than a year ago, the first person who ever told me my writing was good and that I should keep writing and share my writing with other people, maybe even start a blog about it, happened to be the worst person ever. We don’t talk anymore.

He was so inspiring to me for some reason. He led me to believe my writing was good enough to share and even publish. And he led me to believe that no matter what I write about, as long as I love it and what I’m doing, it’s my best work.

Despite the fact that we ended our friendship on many bad notes, I’d say it was a blessing to meet him.

If I’m gonna be honest, had I not met him and become so inspired to start writing, I would never have ended up where I am now, writing tutor, blogger, and even potential published author. And I never would have been able to proof the work of my peers and make them into 48/50 papers. And I never would have even dreamt of creating a story, many stories, that people would enjoy.

“Just send it to somebody,” he said once after reading one of my personal notes and reminding me how good my writing was, “Send it to a publisher. You never know–they might like it.”

And now here I am, hopefully inspiring people to write more and that writing isn’t evil, papers and essays aren’t evil, so long as you pour your heart, your entire soul, into it.


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  1. huitcafe · December 31, 2016

    keep writing, never stop

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