Disappearing Act

He’ll forever and always remain a mystery.

I know where he is, who he is, yet I don’t know anything about him or where he disappears off to after the brief moments I see him.

I wonder what happened in the past twelve or thirteen years of his life I wasn’t a part of, the long hiatus after I left. Why is he always by himself? I see his family almost every week.

He has the face of a young boy but the instant he smiles, he looks the twenty years he is now, handsome as ever.

It is slightly disappointing that I only have so many chances to catch up to him, learn what is going on in his life.

Sometime a little less than a decade ago, I ran into him at the video store. I knew he recognized me then because when his eyes met mine, time slowed and he didn’t speak, frozen in place, forgetting momentarily that he had to catch his energetic baby brother.

When I see him now, his eyes always find their way to the ground when he shakes hands, wishes peace. I remember the one time I spoke to him after all these years, he didn’t recognize me–not that I expected him to–but it didn’t occur to me that we had a mutual close friend.

We haven’t met eyes since then.


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