Missed Connections

I never thought I’d actually cry tears of joy when something hopeful happened in my life.

And I never thought I’d come so close to fainting in sheer excitement.

It felt unreal and I felt my heart exploding with excitement in my chest, I could hear it, see it pulsating underneath my skin, feel it shaking my entire body. I could barely breathe–air came with great difficulty in shallow hiccups and gasps and nervous laughter. My vision blurred, my eyes losing ability to focus rolling back into my head for a moment, tears squeezing out of their springs in my eyes.

Was this actually happening?


No, it was a false alarm.
But because of it I realized how I really felt about the situation–my heart is set, my mind is solidified in its decision, there’s no going back, no giving up.

I know what I want.

And that is you.


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