You think you’re alone, but you are wrong–you are very wrong. It may be unfortunate to not have one special person in whom you can confide and trust to listen and give you a caring hug and optimistic words. But instead you have more than one, you have plenty. You have a power group. You have a crowd of supporters, cheerleaders, partners, all the ones you need who love you and care about you and what you do more than you think they ever would. They look at you endearingly, wondering whether or not it would be overstepping bounds to ask if you’re okay, glancing longingly over their shoulders.

They’re there for you; you will bring each other up when you’re down.

When you feel like you’re not being heard, speak louder.

When your talent is being overshadowed, be louder.

When your song begins to falter and crack in despair, sing–sing louder.

Just when you think you are being loud enough, shout louder.

When your true colors blend, becoming muddy and gray, pierce through the dullness, shatter the boundaries, and outshine who you were with who you will be, and don’t stop there. Shed your light on the world, your vibrance, your luminosity, your ever-present eloquence and invincibility. Let them be louder than any palette you’ve ever seen.

And let yourself be louder than you never believed you were capable of.

Don’t let anyone diminish the faith you have in yourself or destroy the foundation you’ve spent your life building upon. You’ve come this far; you can make it even farther. Don’t let all the terror you faced, all the tears you shed, all the blistering heat you survived go to waste. So leave your pride and fear at the door because…

…you are here to be amazing.


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