Disco Ball

February 14, 2017

Twirling beneath the twinkling lights in twisty turns and hammering heartbeats.

I’d do anything to look up into your eyes, a halo from whatever glorious light that emanates from you dispelling any darkness that remained in my heart, every corner and turn, flooded by your glow.

I’d feel the swing of the beat pounding beneath my feet, as you pick me up in one smooth sweep, my soul lurched into the skies, light as a feather tossed in the wind, floating atop the surface of the water.

My fingers would weave between yours when my feet find their way to the ground again, and the smile would never, ever leave my face as polka dot frills fall from my hips down to my calves.

Ella and Louis would harmonize as a quiet afterthought in our minds while my lids become heavy and the magnetic pull from inside your chest draws me nearer, shrinking the gap between us.

I wouldn’t believe how easily I’d fallen for you, how simple it seemed–one step and I suddenly found myself plunging into unpredictable and never-ending bliss, plummeting into so happy a fate I never imagined possible. After traversing and tearing through the brambles of fate and time–emotional warfare, scarring and debilitating trauma, steadily, inevitably losing faith–I’d found you without giving it a second thought just how special you’d turn out until now.

I’ve never seen you before, but countless times, I’d met you in my dreams and you held me, extinguishing all doubt and fear in my heart, instead, filling it with whimsy and wonder and amazement of what force of nature brought us together.

I love you. And I simply can’t wait for the day I can tell you I do.



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