Streetlights for the Moon

March 14, 2017

When my family and I first moved, I vividly remember thinking two things: the dripping A/C into the house’s water system sounded like an extraterrestrial invasion, and that the off-white streetlight just behind the house was blinding, right at the perfect angle to pierce right into the master bedroom through the half-moon window.

And now it blows my mind how many years it’s been and how so much has happened not only in my life, but in my family’s lives. It scares me how I felt like school took so long to finish and I’d never get to college simply because of how much time it took to get through grade school.

Even more mind-blowing that I (along with many of my high school mates) will be graduating within the next couple of years and yet it feels like just yesterday we were in the same math class ogling at the cutest person in the room.

I’ve done so much, so many “adult” things since then. I’ve learned infinitely more about myself and countless other people in the process, my talents, their true characters, everything in between.

I never thought I’d look back on it so stereotypically, but I remember when things were so simple before and I miss those times like mad. I remember when the only thing I could afford to worry about was how good I looked in class and passing with a bare minimum GPA.

People tell me I should relax because I’m always hitting the books, but I’ll relax when I’m dead. I was ready to power through this college program with flying colors and I’m not stopping here. Simple times come later and it’ll be so worth it.


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