I Can’t Wait

March 19, 2017

All those conversations I never had with you, all the things about my life I told someone else and not you.

I’m so looking forward to telling you everything–I’m off the walls just thinking about it.

I have someone to call and tell how amazing or awful my day was. I have someone to reevaluate my life with, share all my plans for my future and get some insight on (insight I actually take to heart). I have someone to call when I get stuck in flood traffic or who I can tell about the two very illegal things I did on the road where I nearly died both times. I have someone to vent to about my autocratic professor. I have someone to brag to about my awesome experiences about getting a meaningful letter for the first time or receiving an email from the music producer who promises to make my dreams come true.

At last–at long last!


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