From Somewhere Amazing

March 22, 2017

I suddenly feel so light.

My heart is begging me to keep the high coming but in all honesty, I don’t even know where I’m getting it from.

When I’d given up on myself, tirelessly studying and persevering, I’d somehow found the fresh breath of air I needed to pick myself back up.

I love it.

Also, this is what I live for: bringing vibrancy into people’s lives. The best feelings I’ve ever had are when I recall memories with people I shared them with years ago, or when friends tell me I helped them remember how much they used to love music or how much they enjoyed photography and skating when they were in high school, or how they reminisc on their younger days just from a bite of the apple chips I baked.

To say it warms my heart would be vastly understating it. I get this flitting, floaty feeling in my heart that makes me shout-sing with the windows down in the car while I happen to land every green light on the way home. I get this feeling that I’m doing a lot better than I thought despite the worries and pressures bearing down on me. My heart flutters at the mere thought of getting through​ the week because of this high I really can’t explain.

I probably have enough of this feeling to share with the whole world–and I wish I could share it because I didn’t think I could ever love a stressful Wednesday as this so, so much without a single reason not to.



  1. huitcafe · March 23, 2017

    hope you doing alright, Rachel.


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