It’s a Like-like Thing

March 27, 2017

I like your goals. I like your ambiton. I like where you want to go in life; I like where you see yourself. I like your discipline. I like the way you dress.

I like your toothy grin and I like the soft smile you wear when you listen to me babbling because I forget how to talk around you.

I like your taste in food. I like your cute little hidden talents. I like your tendencies. I like that thing you do with your eye when you talk. I like the things that surprise me about you. I like what you are. I like what makes you your amazing, unique self.

I like how you naturally don’t let me blow up my ego. I like how you keep me grounded every time we talk. I like how you do this without even knowing you do.

I like how geeky you are. I like how you still have a child in you, but you’re also ahead of your time. I like how you can pick up on unspoken feelings. I like how you don’t divert the conversation when others normally would (I read people, and you’ve been an exception, every time).

I like how my heart feels when I look at you. I like how you never break eye contact when you’re talking to me, or when you’re listening to me. I really like your occasional chuckle when I stutter like a fool. I really like how impressive you are, how much you impress me. I really like how you act out scenarios. I really like when you tell me about yourself.

I really like how you make me feel like I’m in a movie.

I really like your intuition. I really like your sheer intelligence. I really like your kind heart. I really like your inclusiveness. I love your chivalry. I love your height. I love how I feel like I’ve known you forever. I love how I don’t have to worry about being judged by you.

I love how your smile is the one thing I remembered you by before I actually met you. I really love your smile. I love your understanding. I love your perseverance. I love your enthusiasm. I love your genuine interest​. I love when you ask me how my day was and you actually want to know.

I love that little inflection in your voice when you’re trying to be persuasive or convincing. I really love the way you treat me because that’s just the sweet type of person you are. I love you–I mean…

I like-like you.


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