Off Days

March 29, 2017

My morning class was interrupted by phones here and there going off with a warning about a heavy rainstorm and the possibility of a tornado.

You know, there are those days when you feel like total garbage. Those days when you manage to narrowly miss rush hour on the way to class, but nearly pop a tire by accidentally driving up on the curb. Those days when your professor releases you from class an hour early, but you have to make up for it later, sacrificing your own time outside of the course schedule. Those days when you feel so high in the sky about your courses and academic progress, but all your professors are in a foul mood because there’s something in the air, tension or otherwise.

There’s really no better way to describe those days other than…

They really suck.

But I guess the only explanation for them would be that it is simply inevitable that we would all face trashy days like these and the best we can do is cope and power through them however we have to–crying alone in the bathroom, venting your frustrations to your poor colleagues or close friends, writing a blog about it…

And just getting on with the other thousands of days of your life that you have to look forward to.

It might feel like all your days are like this and you will never feel sure about yourself or your studies or your life choices again, but, according to my older and wiser friends and acquaintances, it will eventually smooth out–and I’m sure of it. I’m only a semester into this damn program, but I refuse to waste any time because it’s unorganized or because I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work and study I have to put out.

I want my life to start now and there is no force of God above or power of the fiery hell below that could stop me from getting there.


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