One Thing

April 9, 2017

If I found myself in Portugal again, I’d probably be crying.

There’s some sort of magic that revolves around everywhere in the world but where you live.

I’ve learned many a-things from the penpals I’ve met and from friends who have been places, one of which being that the world, though it may seem large, is actually quite small, filled with perfectly unique and incredible peoples.

I yearn to meet those people, learn their culture and traditions, speak the language, indulge in the food.

Even though what I’m going through right now is quite a load of work, my professor couldn’t have put it better. It’s a temporary inconvenience for major life changes. I’m going to relentlessly power through this program, graduate then get a job, and follow in the footsteps of my destiny.

What’s my destiny?

You see that little blue planet floating in space? Yeah I want to see it.

I want to see all of it.


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