Tell Yourself

April 17, 2017

People ask me ad nauseum (yes, to the point of actual nausea) how I have so much time or money to do the things I want to do and I say the same thing every time: I make room for it.

I want someone to give me one legitimate reason not to believe in what I set my mind to.

If there’s nothing that proves me otherwise, nothing standing in the way, nothing that discourages me, why would I make excuses to give up?

Money? It doesn’t grow on trees and it won’t miraculously fall at my feet when I need it. I’ll make the money for it.

Time? It doesn’t just give itself to my schedule, and there aren’t more than 24 hours in a day. I’ll make the time for it.

I have so many hobbies that it’s ridiculous to some people. And how I manage to continue those hobbies despite what goes on in my busy life, as I have learned, is what makes them feel ashamed of or sorry for themselves. But I have told people to take a break, take weekends off, relax and forget about work or school or chores and they realized how much better they feel when going back to their daily routine. It’s not difficult to stop the cranking, rusty gears in your mind and body to revive yourself. Some think it’s a waste of time! Can you believe it?

I realized that I’m actually living by all the pep talks I received from family members and friends, from teachers, professors, all the lessons learned from philosophical books and articles, from inspiring tumblr quotes. I recall things like “Sharpen the saw” (thank you, Sean Covey) and the analogy of the jar “full” of tasks and obligations represented by golf balls and rocks and sand and beer.

I’ve tried and ultimately failed to find a single reason to not pursue what my heart wants, what my mind needs because every obstacle can be surpassed in one way or another. I just have to be strategic and creative. Other people, other obligations, and other such undertakings like school and study might seem to control how I live my life but, in reality, that’s nowhere near true.

It’s my life after all, no?


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