Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

April 24, 2017

(Yes, I just quoted a Bon Jovi classic.)

Today, I had the most productive day I’ve had in a long while, despite the fact that I nearly passed out in the library while studying after being exhausted from work only a few hours prior (although I can’t say the same for the girl in the seat next to me, her head fell and made that table echo).

I can’t help but feel accomplished for once, especially since, more often than not, it feels like I’m falling behind. I managed to get a few hours of work in, caught up and had a homemade lunch with my best friend, then studied for a couple hours at the library, and to top it all off, I got in a decent workout.

Now, the whole reason I’m boring you with my day is to tell you that you can feel like you’re drowning in tasks but once you knock one out, the rest just comes along naturally.

Do what you need to help yourself relax while completing these tasks, text your friends, doodle in your notes, have a snack. It doesn’t make the experience better, just less terrible.

And most importantly, have an end goal clear in your mind. I personally visualize making the best of the two weeks of vacation I’ll have before my summer classes start. I imagine how many things I could possibly fit in each day, and it’s exciting, honestly. And in the long term, I see myself flying to a new state every few months, seeing all of the US, and hopefully, later on, all of the world.

Some places I have my heart set on and they’re waiting for me, I just know it. So I let that drive me.

I only occasionally get post responses but I’m genuinely curious: what drives you? Leave a comment?


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