I Stole The Sun From You

April 25, 2017

Today, somewhere else in the world, at some other instance in history, something amazing may have happened.

I have no idea what that could possibly be.

But I do know that today, it’s cloudy, even a bit rainy where you are and I’m jealous—I absolutely adore “gloomy” weather. It’s sunny and warm here, as it will be all week.

I just can’t wait until the day I steal the love you have for that city straight from you, too, right under your nose, and take you here instead. I love where I am, being anywhere with you would be worlds better.

It’s been months already, but I’ve not stopped thinking about it. I’ve changed since that day. I don’t know if it was that I matured or if that day was more than just a knee-weakening encounter. My frivolous, flittering heart has stilled and not a single soul has moved my heart since then. No one has felt more right than you.

I hope one day I’ll feel that way again.


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