Auquel j’appartiens

April 29, 2017


If I knew you’d come along so soon, I would have given you my heart on the spot. It’s still yours to keep. Nothing else makes more sense (or less sense) than what fate is tempting me with. Nothing else has worked out for a reason. Nothing else has felt right for a reason.

There will never be another you.

Everything else guides me a step closer to you. My old-fashioned heart yearns to be there, less than a million people and more than a million stars to wish upon, surrounded by history and zeitgeist of the jazz era. They say you meet that “one” person before you’re twenty-one. I was nineteen.

It might be a year or two longer, but I’m willing to wait. Some things are just worth the wait and to find out what my heart is telling me, after so much time has passed to still feel the same, is one of them.


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