To Think or Not to Think

May 18, 2017

I always wondered how someone could think about something so often and for so long without losing interest in it. It just seemed exhausting to me. Wouldn’t it be tiring, waking up every day and thinking about it in each moment, then having it be the last thing on your mind when you go to bed, then sometimes have it even fill your dreams? My friends wring my ear about these singers or actors or characters in books while I continued wondering.

Well, I used to wonder.

I never thought it’d happen to me, the skeptic I am, but there’s one thing I’ve thought about day in and day out, sunrise to sunrise again and I have yet to tire of it, almost a year later. I have found every reason to pursue it. And not only has it filled my thoughts, but it has inspired my best drawings, stories, and other works simply from its presence in my mind.

It has helped me through the toughest times I’ve had in years. It makes time fly, makes two and a half years seem like no time at all. It makes bad days look like days to learn and it makes good days into blessings. It has encouraged me to further my talents, embrace my weaknesses, fuel my strengths.

I find myself burrowing further into my hobbies and passions more fervently than ever before and it feels wonderful. I feel a bit ridiculous sometimes, just thinking about it so much. People ask me what inspired some of my works and what encourages me. Sometimes it’s other people, their actions, their words. But this has been the one thing that I unfailingly turn to for my greatest inspiration. And at this point, it’s not even me deliberately thinking about it. It’s almost like… it’s second nature.

And the truth is, it’s a long story.

I’ve tried and tried again writing about why it’s so important to me, but I have yet to get it down exactly as it is. But some things are so good they just don’t need explaining.

We all deserve something that good, right?


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