940 Days

June 5, 2017

Some days, I’m very sure of what I want to write about in a blog, based on that day’s events and the thoughts that run through my mind. But most days, I’m not. Some days the end goal, after everything else, is clear in my mind, but most days…

It’s not.

If anyone ever tells you it’s easy to “keep your eyes on the prize” and pursue whatever it is that you wish, they’re lying to you. It’s nearly impossible to spend so much devotion and dedication to something without losing a little faith, losing a little fidelity to it, especially in a low tide, a time of doubt and distress.

And sometimes, all you need is a little stroll through the park, to breathe, to forget everything you ever worried about and simply meditate on your greatest wish, your most ambitious dream, the gravity-defying and logic-denying holy grail of all wishes known and unknown to human existence.

It won’t be easy.

But you can do it.


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