August 1, 2017

At this moment in time, I was writing about my life while studying how to save one in the sweetest town I know, thinking these thoughts about exactly one year’s worth of history and growth. Walking on the skybridge makes me really see the bigger picture, why I’m enduring this, what is pushing me towards the end goal that I discovered and swore I’d dedicate my life to last year.

The sheriff’s big white SUV stood ready at the reins, the sky was a cloudy blue. I tended to the disfigured energies and brought a sweet thing out of something worrisome and disdainful all the while realizing the world is smaller than I previously thought, as I stared at a woman’s familiar short figure and cropped black hair and her son stared equally blankly while the recognition slowly melded into his expression.

I met some sweet people, young folk and their elders, all with the same mission of going home.

That is what was going on in my life, future me. I hope you cherish every moment just like I am now.


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